Thank you for blessing a guest at our shelter! This is always a highlight for our guests and it makes them feel at home and a small sense of “normal.” You can participate in two ways:

  • Provide A Devotional for a guest at our shelter. Learn more below!
  • Provide a Gift Bag filled with fun and essential items for a guest at our shelter through our Adopt-A-Friend program. Learn more below! 


Provide A devotional for a guest

We are very excited to include a devotional to each guest in their gift bag. The following devotional is wonderful for someone brand new to faith, which most of our guests are. If you would like to purchase a Devotional for a guest, you can follow the link below! 

Provide An Adopt-A-Friend Gift

Thank you for blessing a shelter resident with Christmas gifts! These gifts will be delivered to residents on Christmas morning.
Shop for the Christmas gift items listed below. All the items will amount to about $50 total (if all the items are purchased from Walmart, other stores may be a higher total).

  1. Grab a blank Christmas card and write out a note of encouragement. Feel free to include a Bible verse, prayer, or other kind thoughts!
  2. Bring all unwrapped gifts in a plastic bag (leave the gift wrapping to us), as well as your card. Return by December 14th to Gateway Mission’s Administration Office (661 E 24th St, Suite 300, Holland. Open Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm & Fri from 9:00am-noon). 

Women’s List:

  • Full Size Lotion, full size body wash, full size body spray, loofah, 1-3 count Chapstick, mini manicure set, 2 count pens, full size candy bar, coffee thermos or reusable water bottle. 

Men’s List:

  • Full Size Lotion, full size body wash, 1-3 count Chapstick, purse size tissues, 2 count pens, full size candy bar, coffee thermos, waterproof winter gloves, and 1-2 pairs wool socks.
While we appreciate generous hearts during the giving season, please refrain from purchasing additional items. We would like all guests to feel equally loved. Thank you!