Interested in blessing a guest at our shelter this Christmas? Here are the ways you can participate:

  • Adopt-a-Friend: Provide a gift bag filled with fun and essential items for a guest (gift list provided).
  • Unwrap Joy: Provide gifts from moms and kids to “shop” from and gift to each other.
  • Make a financial donation and we will do the shopping!

Learn more about the gifts being provided!

For Adopt-a-Friend, each guest will receive a gift bag full of the following items! In total, the items cost around $50.

Women: Full size lotion, full size body wash, full size body spray, loofah, 1-3 count ChapStick, mini manicure set, 2 count pens, full size candy bar, coffee thermos or reusable water bottle.

Men: Full size lotion, full size body wash, 1-3 count ChapStick, small tissue package, 2 count pens, full size candy bar, 1-2 pair wool socks, pair of waterproof winter gloves, and coffee thermos.

Unwrap Joy, help us unwrap joy for children staying at Gateway Mission this Christmas season. We will be setting up a Christmas Shop at Gateway Mission for Mom’s to “shop” for the children for Christmas. We will also be providing a pop-up shop for kiddos to “shop” for their Moms! With a team they will be able to wrap the gifts and gift them to their child or mom on Christmas! 


Thank you for partnering with us so all our guests feel equally loved and appreciated this Christmas!