Emergency Shelter

Providing shelter services & critical care for people in need

At Gateway Mission, we understand that no one plans to be homeless or live on the streets. The men and women who come here never imagined they’d be homeless. But homelessness can happen to anyone at any time.

Some are homeless because of the unexpected loss of a job, a home or a loved one. Many are struggling with extreme circumstances like domestic abuse, substance abuse or mental or emotional issues that led to their homelessness. We desire to see long lasting positive life-change by resolving not only the visible poverty, but also the invisible poverty of relationships, truth, identity, and hope. 

There are also many misperceptions about homelessness and what
it looks like.

Our Emergency Shelter Programs at Gateway Mission exists to provide assistance to anyone experiencing homelessness and meet their immediate needs such as:

Meal Service

Regular meal service is provided to residential guests staying at Gateway Mission.

Breakfast: 7am
Lunch: 12pm
Dinner: 5pm

Open Door Shelter

Our goal in Open Door is to provide for the emergent and basic needs of the homeless in our local communities. 

Pathway Shelter Program

Our goal in Pathway is stability through full time employment, relationship building, and financial stability, (paying off debt and establishing savings) while hearing the hope of the gospel. 

Shelter Locations

Gateway Mission has separate shelters – one for men and one to help meet the needs of women and children – where we provide a warm, safe, loving environment.

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