Gateway Forge Program

What is the Gateway Forge Program?

The word “forge” is a 13th century term that has its roots in the same Latin word that gives us “fabric”. The word “forge” implies the idea of making something with great effort – such as forging a sword. It also communicates the idea of a workshop where wrought iron is produced and made malleable. These images accurately communicate what our Forge program is. It takes great effort and work to create something new. We invite those to join us who want to put in the work to create a new life of freedom and independence.  

Forge is a 40-week residential program for men and women that is purposefully designed to be a path out of homelessness, resolving their invisible poverty and into freedom and independence. 

The Forge program is specifically for those who struggle with destructive life barriers such as drug and alcohol abuse, past criminal history, or continued occupational and housing barriers. Through a combination of classes with trauma informed and evidence-based curriculum, Biblical counseling, real-life work training, certifications and experience, the Forge program provides the opportunity for men and women to proceed on a path to long lasting Christ-centered transformation. 

Benefits of the Program:

Program Requirements:

If you are interested in participating in the Forge program, please complete the online application to arrange an interview with the Forge staff. 

Additional Information

For More Information: 

Female Applicants: | 616.928.3456

Male Applicants: | 616.928.3402

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