Meet Richard

Richard’s life is changed forever and he wants to thank YOU!

“I know the Lord is on my side.”

Richard spent 20 years driving trucks and enjoying his life on the road.

Then a doctor’s diagnosis changed everything…

“I got diabetes and it disqualified me from trucking,” he says. “I couldn’t drive, so I lost my truck, which was also my home.”

Now homeless, Richard also felt completely alone. As a 6 year old, he’d been the victim of abuse from his stepdad and step-siblings. By God’s grace, his great-grandparents took him away from that home and raised him in theirs.

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Unfortunately, the trauma he’d experienced left him with severe trust issues. Richard says that over the years, his inability to trust led to poor decisions, especially when it came to friends.

So when he lost his job and his truck, he had no one to turn to for help. And that’s when he turned to the Mission.

The day he came to Holland Rescue Mission, everything changed for Richard.

“I came here hoping to get closer to the Lord,” he says, smiling. “To get involved with church more.”

“If I can minister to somebody or help change the way they feel – even just one person – that makes a difference.”

Richard had come to know the Lord through a man he met at a chapel in a truck stop. But life on the road hadn’t allowed much time for church. Here, he’s found a church family that loves and supports him in his recovery.

Through our Gateway long-term restoration program, Richard found healing for the trauma that’s been the root of his trust issues. The Christ-centered counseling here has allowed him to open up about the abuse he experienced as a child.

“I have childhood family issues to deal with, and it’s hard to talk about. But facing my problems and dealing with them is the only way I’m going to heal.”

Richard has the support of his son and daughter, who encourage him during the recovery process.

He hopes to find work in the Mission kitchen serving others.

“I like to cook and make good food for the people here. I would like to work part-time at the Mission if I can.”

Because you gave from your heart to help Richard, his life has been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever! “The Mission changes lives and helps people get back on their feet. I have a place now, and I know that the Lord loves me.”

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