Megan Is Grateful & Blessed This Thanksgiving

Megan Is Grateful & Blessed This Thanksgiving
Because Of Your Support
You’ve Given Her Hope And New Life This Holiday!

“I started down a really bad path… homeless, in addiction and hopeless.”

All Megan knew growing up was chaos and dysfunction. “My dad was an alcoholic and there was domestic violence… you start to feel like that’s normal.”

Her older sister raised Megan and did her best to shield her from the turmoil. “But it had a bigger effect on me than I thought, because I started down a really bad path.”

Megan’s troubles began when she was evicted and ended up living in the woods. Scared and alone, when some people she met introduced her to drugs, she decided to try them.        

“I struggled with methamphetamine for three years… homeless, in addiction and hopeless.”

The turning point came when Megan was in jail. She began reading the Bible and felt hope stirring.

When she was released, Megan’s sister brought her here to Gateway Mission… and everything changed.

“When I walked in the doors I felt so welcome and at home. I cried and cried, because it was the best feeling to have safety, structure and stability… I was at peace.”

“I surrendered 100% authority to God… trying to walk alongside people in the same way the Mission walked alongside me.” 

In our Gateway Program, Megan discovered a relationship with the Lord. The coaches, spiritual guidance and community of support brought her healing and new life in Christ.

After graduating, Megan works full-time in our Thrift Store as part of our Transitional Development Program. “They keep you busy and I love to do that… I’m very motivated.”

She has also reunited with her three sons, whom she was unable to care for in her addiction. “I am a new person in Christ, raising my children. I have been made whole.”

She continues to focus on her recovery and walk with the Lord, as she waits on Him to guide her next steps.

Megan’s heart is overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving because YOUR loving support gave her the confidence and support to rebuild her life. “I’m thankful to the Mission because they supported me and walked alongside me through my brokenness and struggles.”

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